Peer-to-peer panel: Migrations to modern data platforms

Moderator: Sanjeev Mohan, Principal @ SanjMo

Mark Kidwell, Chief Data Architect @ Autodesk

Nikhil Simha, Staff Software Engineer @ Airbnb

Jessica Larson, Data Engineer @ Pinterest

A modern platform helps you deliver actionable insights to your business - insights that were previously unavailable or weren’t delivered in a timely manner. It can also help you to realize cost and resource efficiencies by reducing data complexity and enabling powerful self-service capabilities. A modern platform can help you go beyond reporting what happened to predict what will happen - accelerating your analytics maturity to become more forward-looking and purpose-driven. Join this panel session of experts to discuss best practices for migration to a modern data platform.

Where & when?

Data Stack Summit 2023 was held virtually on April 19, 2023.

What is the cost to attend the virtual sessions?

Data Stack Summit is always free and open for all to attend

What is Data Stack Summit?

Finding ways to efficiently conquer the modern data stack can become infinitely more possible when we’re able to gather together collaboratively as a community and discuss the tools and capabilities desired by future-forward organizations. 

Hear real-world perspectives from long-time data visionaries, data engineers, data and cloud architects, DataOps and DevOps practitioners as they talk through topics like the building blocks of the modern data platform, open source considerations, best practices for impactful data operations, migrations, data observability, and tuning data pipelines for performance at scale.

Who comes to Data Stack Summit?

Data and cloud architects, data engineers, DevOps practitioners and managers, data and ITOps leaders

Join us for talks around things like:
  • Building blocks of the modern data platform
  • Implementing the modern data platform using open source
  • Deploying the modern data platform using K8s
  • Best practices for data team operations
  • Migrations to modern data platforms
  • Optimizing high-performance big data for future-forward organizations
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